The United Arab Emirates Financial Rules and Regulations Quiz 09

Last Updated: June 2024

Table of Contents

The United Arab Emirates Financial Rules and Regulations
4.1.3 know general provisions relating to the Depository Centre (Articles 11 & 12), 4.2 Issuing and Offering Shares in Public Joint-Stock Companies On completion, the candidate should- 4.2.1 know regulations for the issuing and offering of shares of public joint-stock companies (SCA resolution 11/R.M dated 6 June 2016), 4.2.2 know controls and procedures relating to a company buying back its shares with a view to resell them (Decision No. (40) of 2015), 4.3 Procedures for Dealing with Listed Troubled Joint-Stock Companies (Decision No. (13) of 2020) On completion, the candidate should: 4.3.1 know the conditions for classifying a company within the first category (Article 2), 4.3.2 know the procedures for transferring a listed company between the two categories (Article 3), 4.3.3 know trading procedures for shares classified in the second category (Article 4)

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