Platforms Wealth Management and Service Providers – Quiz 09

Last Updated: June 2024

Table of Contents

CISI – Platforms, Wealth Management and Service Providers Quiz 9 is Covered :-
know the requirements for the collection of beneficial holder details
understand the different types of custody model and how they are used: • pooled • segregated • multiple nominees • investor’s own name
know the internal / external transfers that may take place
know the requirements for transfers using the TISA Exchange
understand the chain of custody
Asset Servicing
Corporate Actions
know the main corporate actions: • payment of income
• fund mergers • closure • conversions • terminations • corporate actions on listed securities
know the difference between the different types of corporate action
understand the obligations of a platform in relation to each type
know the sources of income
understand the different treatment of income for income and accumulation shares / units
understand equalisation and the purpose of Group 2 units
know the processes used to communicate, respond to and implement corporate actions
know the range of additional services that platforms can offer advisors / investors: • proxy voting / class actions
Asset Valuation
know how the value of platform assets is updated
know the control processes that platforms may apply in relation to investment pricing
understand the impact of pricing errors on client investments
understand how platforms value “legacy” or off-platform assets

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