Platforms Wealth Management and Service Providers – Quiz 06

Last Updated: June 2024

Table of Contents

CISI – Platforms, Wealth Management and Service Providers Quiz 6 is Covered :-
Transactions and Ownership
Context of Transactions
understand the issues that exist for platform providers in relation to online dealing (cut-off points, volume spikes, timely execution requirements)
understand the range of dealing that may be available for listed securities (live dealing, limit orders, aggregated deals) on different platforms
know the range of dealing that platforms may provide, including portfolio construction and asset allocation
Processing Investor Transactions
know the methods by which investor transactions are executed: • telephone / phone / fax • straight-through processing
understand the role of the following in the trading process: • market makers • brokers • retail service providers
know the regulatory requirements for settlement
understand the different methods of settling investor transactions
Ownership of assets
know the requirements for the establishment, maintenance and contents of the platform’s records of asset ownership
understand who can be recorded as a holder of an investment
understand how third party interests are recorded
know the requirements for the collection of beneficial holder details
understand the different types of custody model and how they are used: • pooled • segregated • multiple nominees • investor’s own name
know the internal / external transfers that may take place
know the requirements for transfers using the TISA Exchange
understand the chain of custody

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