Platforms Wealth Management and Service Providers – Quiz 05

Last Updated: June 2024

Table of Contents

CISI – Platforms, Wealth Management and Service Providers Quiz 5 is Covered :-
understand the benefits and risks of using model portfolios preloaded to the platform
know the range of research, portfolio planning and performance measurement tools that platforms can offer
understand the control processes that firms may implement around platform dealing
understand the purpose of portfolio rebalancing
understand the differences between and implications of simultaneous and sequential fund switch tools
understand how platforms manage the liability that could arise from the provision of portfolio and dealing tools
understand how firms manage the liability that could arise from the use of portfolio and dealing tools
understand the structure and importance of a platform’s relationship with: • retail investors • financial advisers
• discretionary investment managers
understand the relationship and contractual arrangements between platform operators and other industry participants: • custodians • nominee companies • fund managers • wrapper providers
understand the key elements of a Service Level Agreement
Selection of a Platform
understand the features of platforms that inform the selection process
understand adviser’s obligations in relation to platform selection including ongoing due diligence
Transactions and Ownership
Context of Transactions
understand the issues that exist for platform providers in relation to online dealing (cut-off points, volume spikes, timely execution requirements)

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