Platforms Wealth Management and Service Providers – Quiz 03

Last Updated: June 2024

Table of Contents

CISI – Platforms, Wealth Management and Service Providers Quiz 3 is Covered :-
Platform Wrappers
Overview of Wrappers On completion, the candidate should:
know the range of typical wrappers available: • general investment accounts • protection policies • investment bonds – onshore, offshore • ISAs
• Pensions
know the regulatory limitations and restrictions associated with these wrappers • contribution limits • restrictions around withdrawals • restrictions around investment eligibility • restrictions around client eligibility • ISA Guidance Notes – Applications & Transfers, Subscriptions, Investment activity, Reporting, Void & Repair • pension regulations – HMRC Pension Tax Manual: (Allowances, Tax reclaim, Investor documentation, Member benefits, Death benefits)
know the advantages these wrappers provide: • tax treatment of contributions / withdrawals • tax treatment of investments held / income applied within these wrappers • pension drawdown

The Market and the Platform Service Provider
Platforms in the Market
understand how platforms support distribution for product providers and investment providers
know the range of tools and services that may be provided by a platform
understand how tools are used to satisfy clients’ requirements
Charging Structures and Revenue Streams
know the difference between the different charging structures that platforms can apply: • bundled / unbundled
• fixed / variable
know the revenue streams that platforms can generate for their owners
Investment Decisions
understand the appropriateness and suitability requirements
understand the circumstances in which a platform would block a client from trading in a particular asset

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