Kuwait Rules and Regulations Exam – Quiz 08

Last Updated: June 2024

Table of Contents

CISI Exam Quiz 08 Topics Covers:

know regulations relating to the promotion and marketing of funds
know provisions relating to valuation, subscription and redemption
know the restrictions on funds, investment controls and the procedures to be followed in the event of a violation of investment and borrowing controls
know the role of the unitholders assembly
know the events leading to the ending of a fund
know general provisions relating to contractual collective investment schemes
know what constitutes inside information
know the definition of an insider, examples of insider trading and examples of legitimate trading activity
know the penalties for insider trading
know the crime of fraud and manipulation in the Exchange, how it is punished and examples of legitimate behaviours
understand examples of illegitimate trading behaviour
know rules on accepting cash from clients
know the client due diligence (CDD) measures a Licensed Person should carry out on all clients
know the application of a risk-based approach to: reduced CDD, enhanced CDD
know rules relating to reliance on third party CDD
know record keeping requirements for data collected under CDD
know the suspicious transactions reporting requirements
know continuing obligations relating to internal policies, compliance, auditing and training
understand the role, importance and goals of corporate governance
know regulatory requirements relating to corporat
know standards for board composition
know standards for board meetings
know the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors
know the composition and roles of the nomination and remuneration committee
know effective mechanisms for evaluating the performance of the board
know how standards of financial reporting should be applied
know required standards for risk management and internal audit
know required standards relating to codes of conduct and ethical standards
know required standards for disclosure and transparency
know the required standards for dealing with: shareholders

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