Kuwait Rules and Regulations Exam – Quiz 06

Last Updated: June 2024

Table of Contents

CISI Exam Quiz 06 Topics Covers:

understand what registered employment positions are required to be registered with the Authority
know the restrictions on Registered Positions and Registered Employment Positions
know the fit and proper rules
know the regulations relating to Auditors
know the regulations relating to External Sharia Auditing Office
know the minimum criteria a manual of policies and procedures should include
understand risks relating to credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk and operational risk
know what risk management systems are designed to achieve and how responsibilities for the management and reporting of risks are managed
know the regulations relating to clients’ complaints
know the business continuity requirements for Licensed Persons
know organizational and record keeping requirements relating
know the correct procedure for the segregation of client funds, its transfer to other entities, and deposit conditions with third parties
know the definition, goals, components and types of securities investment portfolios
know what information a Licensed Person must obtain before providing services to a client
know how Licensed Persons comply with their duty of care obligations
understand the duty of honesty and what a Licensed Person should and should not do
know the particular content that investment portfolio agreements must include
know relevant operational requirements and controls
know the Licensed Person’s reporting obligations to
know the meaning of and actions to be taken when a: primary default event occurs
know what information must be provided to retail and professional clients
understand conflicts of interest
know the policies, procedures and measures that Licensed Persons should adopt to manage conflicts of interest
know how Licensed Persons manage the requirements relating to personal transactions of employees
know how Licensed Persons fulfil best execution requirements
know the record keeping requirements for Licensed Persons
know the requirements for recording and maintaining telephone conversations and electronic communications
know the minimum period that records, telephone conversations and correspondence must be kept by a Licensed Person
know how Licensed Persons fulfil financial promotion requirements
know the regulatory restrictions related to investment research

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