Combating Financial Crime – Quiz 09

Last Updated: June 2024

Table of Contents

CISI – Combating Financial Crime Quiz 09 is covered –
understand the responsibilities of Directors and senior management in relation to CFC under the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR) or equivalent individual accountability regimes
know regulators’ expectations of firms with respect to adequate management systems and controls to combat financial crime
know the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s (BCBS) definition of “Compliance risk”
understand how a compliance culture may be created and maintained, including:
• tone from within • performance management processes • appointment of Compliance / Money Laundering Reporting Officers • information gathering and analysis • application in routine operations • raising awareness • training • monitoring and updates
know the benefits of utilising technology to support a compliance culture and the limitations of over-reliance on systems
know how distributed ledger technology and advanced/objective blockchain ID can be utilised for CDD
know how the following technological solutions can be utilised for CDD: • digital recognition • face recognition
know how artificial intelligence (AI) can be utilised for detecting financial crime
know how data sources can be utilised by firms to detect financial crime • customer complaints • trade and transactions monitoring • suspicious transaction reports • Internet and website usage patterns • customer device profiles • employee turnover statistics
know the role of fast-paced electronic markets (FPM)

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