Combating Financial Crime – Quiz 07

Last Updated: June 2024

Table of Contents

CISI – Combating Financial Crime Quiz 07 is covered –
understand the financial sanctions listing process of the: • United Nations • European Union • United Kingdom, including the role of OFSI • OFAC • other states
know the potential penalties of dealing with designated persons and entities
understand how financial crime can directly impact on firms • embezzlement • asset misappropriation • fraudulent customer activity • defrauded by organised criminals • limiting access to data • data compromise
understand how firms can be exploited as a vehicle for financial crime • criminals using the firm’s services to launder the proceeds of crime • customer payments to terrorists • theft of customer data to facilitate identity fraud • trade-based money laundering
understand how a firm or its representatives may collude in the propagation of financial crime • misstatement of financial circumstances • corporate malfeasance
understand the relevant implications of business strategies • corporate structure • outsourcing and oversight • use of middlemen • Fintech • Green Finance
know the role, significance, and utilisation of national risk assessments
understand how to identify, assess, and manage the risks posed on a firm’s business activities by the following: • products and services • customers • sector • countries • delivery channels
understand the risks associated with non-compliance for regulated firms • financial • reputational • legal including civil liability • operational • systemic • regulatory • criminal • prudential
know the range of legal financial sanctions related to “designation” • asset freezes • prohibitions • targeted sanctions

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